Jingle Bells for United Way

Every Thanksgiving Day the bells start ringing for United Way in St. Francois County! Since 1988, bells have rung out at wishing wells in the Parkland area to benefit agencies in St. Francois County that directly help our neighbors.

United Way counts on the generosity of people in our area to not only give a donation to the wells, but to give their time to ring those bells. Businesses, civic groups, churches, families, and individuals can volunteer.

To sign up, contact Clay Whitener, executive director of the United Way of St. Francois County by writing to director@unitedwayofsfc.org or call at 573-760-8929.

You can also sign up directly online, using the SignUpGenius app. You can find a list of available bell-ringing sign-ups for the 2018 season down below:

All of the money raised at the wishing wells goes toward funding local agencies and charities through grants given out by United Way, and in 2015 for example, United Way gave out $180,000 to local agencies and organizations. Whether it’s a donation at the wishing well, or through a payroll deduction or helping out with ringing the bells, all of it goes to making St. Francois County a better place!