Dine Out for United Way

Every year, area restaurants and dining establishments help to host “Dine Out for United Way”, an annual fundraiser for United Way of St. Francois County that helps to pay the administrative costs of our organization so that every donation can go directly to helping the people and charities of St. Francois County!

Each participating restaurant, cafe, and dining establishment will give at least 10% of their sales to the United Way of St. Francois County on the day they’re featured, and don’t worry, the diners will pay nothing extra. The Dine Out day will be from opening to closing and covers take-out as well as dine-in orders.

A list of participating businesses along with a list of dates for 2019 can be found below. You can also download a schedule here.

If you own or manage a local area business that’d like to help out United Way and participate in our “Dine Out for United Way” program, please contact our executive director, Clay Whitener at director@unitedwayofsfc.org or call at 573-760-8929.