United Way – Events & Programs

Every year United Way, in partnership with area businesses and organizations, hosts a number of events and programs that directly help raise funds and awareness for the people most in need in St. Francois county. Interested in participating or volunteering for one of these events? You can learn more about each program, along with dates when they’re available, down below. Just click on the event name to be directed to a page with more information.

Dine Out for United Way:

Every year a number of local restaurants, cafes, and dining establishments help host “Dine Out for United Way” where the proceeds from sales on certain days go to help fund United Way. Up to 10% of sales from each business goes directly to United Way, at no additional cost to customers, and helps pay the administrative costs of United Way, so that 100% of other donations can go directly to charitable agencies across St. Francois County.

2019’s Dine Out schedule and list of locations is coming soon! Stay tuned!

Girls Night Out:

Once each year, a committee from the United Way Board hosts Girls’ Night Out to benefit the United Way of St. Francois County. This event also goes to fund the Season of Hope, a program partially funded by United Way to put gifts in the hands of children in St. Francois County during the Christmas season. Each year “Girls Night Out” event helps provide toys to over a thousand children in St. Francois County, as well as bring in thousands of dollars to be given out to local charities by United Way.

2019’s “Girls Night Out” date and location is coming soon! Please stay tuned!

Jingle Bells for United Way:

Starting on Thanksgiving Day the bells start ringing for United Way! Since 1988, bells have rung at wishing wells in the Parkland to benefit agencies in St. Francois County that help our neighbors. Your generosity at the wishing well provides a large part of the funding that goes to grants given out by United Way to local charities and agencies.

A list of dates and locations of wishing wells for 2019 will be posted soon! Stay tuned!