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Dine Out for United Way – 2019

United Way of St. Francois County is pleased to announce this year’s schedule for “Dine Out for United Way”, an annual fundraiser we do every year to help pay for the administrative costs of our organization so every donation can go to serving St. Francois County and the many programs we support here in the community.

Each participating restaurant, cafe, and dining establishment will give at least 10% of their sales to the United Way of St. Francois County on the day they’re featured, and don’t worry, the diners will pay nothing extra. The Dine Out day will be from opening to closing and covers take-out as well as dine-in orders.

So pull up a seat, and visit these fine dining establishments on the following dates to help out United Way!

If you wish to sign up for the 2019 Bell Ringing Campaign, you can call our office 573-760-8929, or email us at

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